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About Us

Since their inception in 2017, Washington's nine regional Accountable Communities of Health (ACHs) have come together to share and learn from each other as we work to improve the lives of people in their local communities and across the state.  By prioritizing regional and local issues, ACHs bring together community to make locally driven investments and improvements in healthcare. In 2022, the ACHs formalized their collaboration by establishing the Coalition of Accountable Communities of Health (CACH).

CACH is a 501(c)(6) organization. All nine ACHs in Washington are members, with the executive leader of each ACH serving on the Board.

CACH Board Officers

  • Chair: Nichole Peppers, Southwest Accountable Community of Health

  • Vice Chair: Gena Morgan, Elevate Health

  • Secretary: John Schapman, Thriving Together North Central Washington

  • Treasurer: Celeste Schoenthaler, Olympic Community of Health

You may contact CACH via email at

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